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  • FFP 2 and FFP 3 masks made in Austria

  • acute PCR Covid tests (result appr. 60min)

In cooperation with we offer acute COVID 19 rapid tests and PCR tests.
Call 0660-1588044
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In cooperation with we offer acute COVID 19 PCR tests.

NEW ANBIO 3 in 1 Test also certified for non medicals



COVID 19 rapid antigen tests



Important NOTE:

This test is also approved for lay use. 3 in 1 sampling with anterior nose or throat swab or as a sucking test.
Easiest handling with only 3 work steps and individually pre-filled, ready-to-use solutions.
Fast detection of SARS-COV-2 nucleocapsid antigen in 15 minutes.
No instrumentation required.
Inexpensive solution for large-scale testing.
Further processing of potentially positive samples with PCR is possible, as the vial is resealable

3 in1 SARSCOV2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit














The EDELVITAL 3 in 1 Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test is a colloidal gold
Immunochromatography for the qualitative detection of nucleocapsid antigens from human nasal - throat swabs or saliva from people suspected of having COVID-19.

100% specificity
2-30 ° C storage temperature
Shelf life 24 months
99.52% * accuracy 99.18% sensitivity
20x test card
20x extraction tube with solution
20x swabs
1x package insert

Special approval according to §11 paragraph 1 MPG of
Antigen tests for self-use by laypeople (self-tests) 5640-S-058/21


Anbio Test 20 Stk..jpg

Acute COVID tests


In cooperation with orthomedplus in Salzburg, we offer acute COVID S rapid tests and PCR tests, which are evaluated within 24 hours on weekdays and, according to current information from the health authorities, lift the quarantine if the test result is negative.


Inquiries to: covidtest

Product information Novel Antigen rapid test


Information from the BM f. Health via antigen tests as part of the Austrian test strategy SARS-CoV-2


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FFP2 and FFP 3 masks quality product Made in Austria


Our masks are produced under strict safety and hygiene regulations.


FFP2 masks minimum order quantity 50 pieces.


FFP 2 masks specifications:

  • Respirator category FFP-2

  • certified according to EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009

  • CE certificate

  • Internal and external protection

  • perfect wearing comfort

  • high breathability

  • strong and flexible nose clip



Download certificate FFP2a

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Download certificate FFP2e

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FFP 3 masks: Specifications: (currently sold out)

  • Respirator category FFP-3

  • certified according to EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009

  • Internal and external protection

  • perfect wearing comfort

  • high breathability

  • strong and flexible nose clip


Download certificate FFP3




Important note: Images can differ from the actual product.

Hand disinfectants


Hand disinfectants


Sterilium hand disinfectant        100ml            € 3.50.-


Sterilium hand disinfectant                1l          € 14.50.-


Sterilium hand disinfectant                5l          € 59.90.-

currently all articles available.

Collection or dispatch plus expenses.


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Since 2010 we have been selling the REPULS spotlight, which helps in many medical areas to treat complaints such as irritation, tissue changes, inflammation and skin changes.


Additional information can be found on the repuls website .


What is …

… REPULS® deep radiation?

REPULS® deep radiation is a new, particularly gentle and fast-acting method to promote healing processes.
The pulsed, cold red light penetrates deeper into the tissue than conventional ones
UV light and can thus stimulate its metabolism even in the case of particularly deep-lying illnesses and injuries.

The intensity of REPULS® deep radiation in the diseased or injured tissue influences organic molecules that serve as messenger substances in such a way that fission products are formed and these are transported away via the bloodstream.
REPULS® deep radiation thus accelerates the resolution of inflammation.

For what …
Particularly successful areas of application for REPULS® deep radiation are:
- Chronic and acute problems in the tendon insertion,
   tendon origin and tendon sheath area
- acute traumatic symptoms
- Tension in the neck and back area
- arthrosis-related joint complaints
- Sciatic complaints

How …
The very short treatment time is 5 to max. 30 minutes and can be done up to twice a day.
The new mode of action alleviates symptoms faster and the regeneration time in the case of injuries is shortened.

By which …
The high-performance diodes of the REPULS® downlight emit pulsed red light, which penetrates deep into the tissue through the skin.
The compact REPULS® deep heater is light and handy. An ideal companion for sport and leisure.


About our company

Hand Hygiene
Frau mit Papiermaske

Our company was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2002 and was converted into a GmbH in 2006, and in 2020 it became a sole proprietorship. Historically, our company has been manufacturing instruments for surgical interventions since 2002. Due to the compactness of the company, we were able to concentrate on custom-made products with individual planning and at the request of the surgeons and implement them.


From 2007 we were involved in the market launch of the disinfectant Bacoban / Pedexan in Austria.



We are currently focusing on the sale of COVID 19 rapid tests and protective masks . The spread of the SARS-Covid 19 pathogen, the so-called corona virus, must be contained with all possible measures in order to enable a rapid return to normalcy.




If you have any need, please send an


Request via eMail


with the necessary quantity to us.


As a company as well as a private person, please provide full contact details with telephone number.


We will contact you as soon as possible regarding a binding order.

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